ART BREAK #4 Celebrating Brooklyn Artists

October 9, 2023

What does Brooklyn mean to you?

That’s what we ask each of the artists we work with for our quarterly ART BREAK series.

For the latest release, Brooklyn-based illustrator and industrial designer Liliana Rasmussen created this piece conjuring an idyllic Brooklyn park afternoon. We wish we were there now!

See the artwork in person in the current summer issue of the Park Slope Reader which you can pick up at many Brooklyn stores throughout the borough.

Liliana is a talented artist with a passion for socially and environmentally conscious design, clever packaging solutions, inclusive design and entrepreneurship. Check out more of Liliana’s artwork on her Instagram or browse her illustration portfolio.

Art Break is an ongoing initiative that encourages us all to take a break and appreciate art in our day-to-day lives. We invite local artists to submit a piece that reflects their Brooklyn experience, while providing them with a break in the form of mini grants to help them pursue their passion.

Check out our previous ART BREAK for more awesome Brooklyn art!

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