9 CleanTok Influencers to Follow for Satisfying Spring Cleaning Tips

April 25, 2022

Following in Marie Kondo’s footsteps, cleaning influencers have taken social media by storm. TikTok in particular has become the go-to place for cleanfluencers capturing our attention in mere seconds. With spring cleaning on our mind, we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite #CleanTok influencers who share cleaning tips, product recommendations and secrets of staying organized—sometimes with a healthy dose of humor.

1. Lori Williamson | @nowitsclean

Lori Williamson’s popular @nowitsclean TikToks are clearly labeled so you can quickly scroll through and select the cleaning videos of interest to you. She recently posted a daily Spring Cleaning video over a 30-day period so you can tackle your seasonal duties in bite-size chunks—one day focusing on greasy walls, the next replacing air filters, eventually organizing your linen closets and deep cleaning your toilets. Lori also showcases handy tools and favorite cleaning products specific to each task.

2. Brandon Pleshek | @cleanthatup


Hi! I just wanted to share a quick introduction to my page. Thanks to @Hank Green for the great idea. 🙂 #cleanthatup #cleantok #cleaning

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A third-generation janitor, Brandon Pleshek’s @cleanthatup TikTok videos feature some of his professional commercial cleaning jobs, along with tips on how to remove coffee stains from your favorite mug, clean stains off your white Vans, deep clean window blinds and clean your laptop keyboard. We suggest starting with his intro video to learn a bit about him.

3. Melissa Maker | @cleanmyspace


A *really* beautiful song about what not to flush down the toilet. Talk to a plumber and they’ll concur. #toilet #toiletpaper #flush #fyp

♬ original sound – Cleaning expert | CleanMySpace

A cleaning expert who hates to clean, Melissa Maker’s @cleanmyspace TikTok mirrors her successful YouTube channel of the same name. She advises on how to develop a daily cleaning routine, useful hacks and decluttering and organizing secrets. Melissa is also the founder of Maker’s Clean, which sells premium microfiber products. And with a song about what not to flush down the toilet, she’s equally as entertaining as she is helpful.

4. Demi Morcom | @sparklingwithdemi

Sparkling is the goal, reads Demi Morcom’s @sparklingwithdemi profile. And her tips and tricks will have your home gleaming in no time. Demi’s clearly labeled #CleanTok videos show how to deep clean a gas stove, microwave, entire bathroom or kitchen. You will see lots of Scrub Daddy/Mommy sponges and The Pink Stuff cleaner here, which seem to be widely used among the cleanfluencers.

5. Jessica Haizman | @jessicahaizman

If getting organized is part of your spring cleaning to-do list, TikTok’s @jessicahaizman is full of tips about home organization, cleaning and mom life. She’s a professional organizer who shares very specific insight into how to deep clean your Airpods and makeup brushes, the importance of cord organizers, shopping for organization bins, and organizing your pantry, closet, fridge and carry-on bag. Her recent 30-day spring cleaning challenge started with tackling her front closet and focused on spaces that are typically overlooked during day-to-day sprucing up. Jessica also shares her cleaning charts with viewers to give ideas on how to stay tidy. She favors non-toxic natural cleaners and no-waste reusable towels.

6. Azure MacCannell | @livecomposed


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Azure MacCannell’s @livecomposed TikTok is full of clearly labeled cleaning hacks that include interesting uses for Down Platinum Powerwash spray, how to get dog hair off furniture, saving on fridge space and tackling hard water stains. Her favorite cleaning tools include the legendary TikTok-famed wall Chomp Mop that you may have heard of by now.

7. Ashley Dixon | @alexanderreneedesign

While Ashley Dixon’s @alexanderreneedesign TikTok will help with your organization efforts, we also love that she’s a DIY and decor queen. She shows you everything from how to organize your drawers, fridge and medicine cabinet, make a DIY umbrella stand, update your bathroom and style your kitchen island. Ashley is big on bin organization and has accomplished the fridge goals we all dream of.

8. Clean with Rab | @cleanwithrab

The “Daddy of Cleaning” himself, @cleanwithrab is a husband, father and cleanfluencer who serves up his advice on how to clean a stove, dust properly, scrub a toilet and even organize your cleaning products (talk about next level!). Like many of his fellow CleanTok stars, he seems to be a big fan of Scrub Daddy and The Pink Stuff.

9. Vanesa Amaro | @vanesamaro91


My hope is to teach someone that cleaning dosent have to be hard. And that you can do it 💪🏼 #housekeeperhacks #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #housekeeper

♬ original sound – Vanesa Amaro ♥️

The “Queen of Cleaning,” Vanesa Amaro owns a housecleaning company and through her @vanesamaro91 TikTok, she shares tips, before & after transformations, advice on how to meticulously clean a mattress, vacuum cleaner reviews and how to get your stainless steel sink sparkling.

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