ART BREAK #6 — Celebrating Brooklyn Artists

March 29, 2024

A touching NYC image many of us can relate to: riding the subway with a loved one—phones, water and MetroCard in tow, while the picturesque cityscapes pass us by. Brooklyn artist C.J. Robinson premiered this piece during his first art show in August of 2023, and we’re big fans.

See it up close in the current spring issue of Park Slope Reader, which you can pick up at many stores throughout Brooklyn.

Originally from Atlanta, C.J. is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator who now calls Brooklyn home. Influenced by fashion and music, he specializes in creative direction, editorial illustration, brand strategy and visual identity.

Visit C.J.’s Instagram or check out his website to see more of his work and support his art.

Full-size illustration of man and woman cuddling on NYC subway with cityskape in window in background

Art Break is an ongoing initiative that encourages us all to take a break and appreciate art in our day-to-day lives. We invite local artists to submit a piece that reflects their Brooklyn experience, while providing them with a break in the form of mini grants to help them pursue their passion.

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