ART BREAK #5 Celebrating Brooklyn Artists

December 29, 2023

When we reached out to art teacher and student Zara Cimone, asking if she’d create a piece reflecting what Brooklyn means to her, we were delighted to receive this striking digital image of her oil painting Homegirl in front of the Deli.

Zara came up with the little girl’s face during a drawing activity with her art students, and later incorporated the girl into the Brooklyn scene we see here.

We love how the piece captures the Brooklyn spirit with vibrant colors and a festive red balloon that reflect the little girl’s joy on an everyday Brooklyn sidewalk. Details such as the girl’s unmistakable Brooklyn style, strewn cigarettes, tiny little cockroach, background graffiti and EBT sign remind us that there is actually no such thing as an everyday Brooklyn sidewalk because each Brooklyn moment is full of life and dynamism. Brooklyn is always alive.

See for yourself in the current winter issue of the Park Slope Reader which you can pick up at many Brooklyn stores throughout the borough.

Visit Zara’s Instagram to see more of her work and support the artist.

Painting of Black girl holding red balloon in front of Brooklyn deli

Art Break is an ongoing initiative that encourages us all to take a break and appreciate art in our day-to-day lives. We invite local artists to submit a piece that reflects their Brooklyn experience, while providing them with a break in the form of mini grants to help them pursue their passion.

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