A Springtime Playlist to Uplift Your Spirit

May 12, 2020

In our efforts to maintain social distance as we continue fighting COVID-19, many of us here in Brooklyn and throughout the country are spending more time at home. Even when New York City starts to open up again, we will likely find ourselves with a bit more alone time than usual.

Because we’re big fans of music, we made you a mixtape. A playlist of uplifting, upbeat songs to help you make the best of being indoors—and make solitary city strolls a little less lonely and a lot more fun. Social distancing alongside family or friends? Great, your quarantine buddies can join in the fun.

Scroll to the bottom for a Spotify playlist with all the songs.

1. A Beautiful Morning

The Rascals

For starters, this was written by Felix Cavaliere, a New Yorker, and Eddie Brigati, who’s from Garfield, New Jersey, and attended Garfield High School (Garfield, represent!). But we really chose this one because it’s one of those songs that always makes us feel good. Film buffs will also remember it from an iconic wake-up scene in Kingpin.

2. Music Takes Me Up

Mr. Scruff (Featuring Alice Russell)

You may not be as familiar with this tune, but it’s a cheery homage to—you guessed it—music, by record producer and DJ Mr. Scruff.

3. Let’s Dance

David Bowie

No matter where you are when this song comes on, here’s to your impromptu dance party.

4. Listen to the Music

The Doobie Brothers

One of the very first hits by The Doobie Brothers, this track was written by Tom Johnston during his college days as he imagined world leaders coming together to end the Vietnam War. Its positive feel and catchy chorus will have you singing along in no time.

5. Walking on Sunshine

Katrina and the Waves

Whether this one conjures up images of Katrina strutting about London (as in the video), John Travolta entertaining a toddler in Look Who’s Talking or the dance floor at your cousin’s wedding, we like to think everyone has their own happy memories attached to this sunny tune.

6. Lovely Day

Bill Withers

How can you not love a song that ends with an 18-second-long held note? One listen and you’re sure to have, “a lovely daaaaaaaay.” Bill Withers passed away in March of 2020, but his legacy lives on with happy hits like this.

7. Right Here, Right Now

Jesus Jones

An anthem for revolution, this comforting, empowering track is always a mood lifter.

8. Upside Down

Jack Johnson

If you have kids, you’ll probably recognize this simple feel-good song whose video features Jack Johnson swimming under crystal clear water with a cartoon Curious George. Close your eyes, envision yourself in a tropical place and take a deep breath while taking it all in.

9. You Gotta Be


Hello, 1994, we’ve missed you because of songs like this. A fusion of pop, R&B and healthy dose of self-help, it’s an inspirational chart topper that will have the same effect on your psyche today as it did when you watched Des’ree dance around Stevie Nicks style in black and white. For some cool facts, here’s the Pop-Up Video

10. Touch of Grey

Grateful Dead

Despite the Touch of Grey video featuring band members on stage who turn into skeletons, the song makes you feel happy to be alive.

11. White Nights

Oh Land

Singer, songwriter and ballet dancer, among other talents, Oh Land created this song for her second album, in 2011. She lived in Williamsburg for a while, so you may have seen her performing around Brooklyn.

12. Sun Is Shining

Bob Marley

Slowing down the tempo a bit, we finish with Bob Marley’s classic island vibes that whisk you away to another place—seated on a lounge chair, sipping on a pina colada and gazing out at the ocean.

Spotify Playlist:

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