Brooklyn Grocery Delivery for Thanksgiving Meal Prep

November 2, 2021

With turkey (or tofurky) day quickly approaching, you might be looking to jump-start your Thanksgiving grocery shopping by turning to delivery. At least one of your local Brooklyn or NYC grocery stores likely offers a delivery or pre-order option for pick-up. If not, you can always turn to restaurant delivery apps like Seamless and Postmates who also offer some type of grocery delivery options. And, of course, there’s always Peapod, Max Delivery, FreshDirect, Amazon Fresh and Instacart who have been delivering groceries to New Yorkers for years.

But if you’re curious about the newer players in online grocery shopping here in NYC, some of whom offer delivery in as little as 10 minutes, here’s a quick rundown of where you can turn if you prefer not to brave the Thanksgiving grocery store crowds.

Back of bike courier driving down city street

Photo by Kai Pilger

NYC’s Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery


Need your Thanksgiving ingredients delivered ASAP? Gorillas offers ultra-fast, 10-minute grocery delivery throughout NYC.

$1.80 delivery fee, no minimum order.

Fridge No More

Known for their quick 15-minute grocery delivery via their proprietary network of “cloud stores” throughout Brooklyn and NYC, Brooklyn-based Fridge No More is a great option if you need fast grocery delivery, though not the best option if you’re in search of budget items. Rather than using gig workers, they employ their own packers and couriers.

Free delivery, no minimum order.


If you’re in Manhattan you can already get 15-minute grocery delivery from Buyk, and if you’re in Brooklyn—or anywhere else in NYC—you should be able to place your order by the end of 2021. Your Buyk order is delivered by a bike courier, aka buyker, who spends around 2 minutes collecting your grocery items and 5-10 delivering them.

Free delivery, no minimum order.


Yet another company offering New Yorkers grocery delivery in 15 minutes, JOKR does so with sustainability in mind—aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022.

Free delivery, no minimum order.


Though 1520 already offers fast grocery delivery (15-20 minutes) in a few Manhattan neighborhoods, you might want to bookmark it in case they start delivering to Brooklyn in the future.

Free delivery, no minimum order.


Gopuff has been around since 2013, but has been expanding to more and more cities in recent years, providing fast grocery delivery in about 30 minutes.

$1.95 delivery fee, $10.95 minimum order.

Assorted Australian groceries

Photo by Nico Smit

Specialty & International Groceries


Offering a massive selection of Asian and Hispanic groceries, California-based company Weee! started delivering to New Yorkers in 2020.

Their delivery fees vary depending on where you are located.


Mirchi specializes in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi grocery items and delivers throughout Brooklyn and NYC.

$35 minimum order.

Southeast Asia Food Group

Family owned and operated since 1988, Southeast Asia Food Group offers Asian grocery items delivered throughout much of NYC.

$15 delivery fee, $100 minimum order.

Food Bazaar

Shop online from Food Bazaar via Instacart, for carefully curated ingredients from all over the world.

$3.99 delivery fee, $35 minimum order.


Mercato teams up with your local grocers, including many who offer specialty and international items, and delivers throughout NYC.

Order minimum and delivery fees vary depending on which store you are ordering from.

Green and purple artichokes in box

Photo by Martin Adams

Farm Fresh Produce Delivery

Strega Provisions

This NYC-based company sourced fine produce for chefs before Covid-19 hit. But these days they’re gathering produce directly from farmers and either delivering the groceries to your home or offering pick-up at designated locations in Brooklyn.

Free shipping and delivery for orders over $100, free pick-up.

Rustic Roots

Okay, not exactly new since they’ve been delivering in NYC since 2011, but we still wanted to include them in the list since they offer so many farm-fresh groceries, not to mention lots of special Thanksgiving and fall items.

$40 minimum order.

Farm to People

Farm to People offers a variety of produce and other ethically grown grocery delivery items throughout the NYC area. You can order and customize your box, and then farmers harvest the produce for you.

Free delivery for orders over $50.

Fighting Food (and Packaging) Waste

Misfits Market

If you’re looking to unite in the fight against food waste, Misfits Market delivers “ugly” (not to us!) organic produce and sustainably sourced groceries throughout the NYC area. Their eco-friendly packaging is recyclable and compostable, and most of the produce is certified organic and non-GMO.

$5.50 deliver fee, $30 minimum order.


Another farm-fresh grocery delivery option, Natoora sources seasonal produce directly from independent growers and straight from their own farms. Surplus produce at their Brooklyn hub is donated to City Harvest, NYC’s largest food rescue organization, and Greenpoint Reformed Church, a food pantry and soup kitchen.

$6 delivery fee, $60 minimum order.

The Wally Shop

Shop for waste-free pantry staples and other groceries at The Wally Shop. To minimize impact on our planet, they provide reusable packaging that can be returned to the shop, effectively eschewing packaging waste completely.

$8.99 delivery fee, no minimum order.

Deliver Zero

This isn’t technically a grocery delivery service but it’s zero-waste food delivery. And that’s not only good for the environment but it can still come in handy on Thanksgiving if you need to cut a few corners. They offer takeout and delivery options in reusable containers that you return within three weeks.

Learn about the Deliver Zero fees here.

Be sure to double check the delivery fees and order minimums since those sometimes change. And if you do opt for grocery delivery, don’t forget to tip your driver or courier to thank them for all the hard work they do—and the headaches they might save you this Thanksgiving Day.

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