Brooklyn “Bug Out” Bag Essentials For Emergencies

By Elizabeth Kohen | January 6, 2018

We usually try to keep our blogs positive but being prepared for an emergency is an important part of home ownership that we should not overlook. From hurricanes to earthquakes to fires and beyond, given the extent of natural and man-made disasters highlighted in the news these days, now might be the ideal time to follow the scout motto Always Be Prepared.

Everyone in your family should have a bug out bag (BOB) ready in the event of an emergency. Also known as a disaster pack, survival satchel, battle box, 72-hour kit, GOOD (Get Out of Dodge) bag, grab bag, go bag, emergency preparedness kit, and INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag; this will help you survive in the wilds of Brooklyn for up to 72+ hours. Below is an array of essentials to gather:

1. BAG – You will need a lightweight, durable and weather-resilient bag

2. HEAT – Cold weather and exposure to the elements can harm you sooner than lack of food or water

3. FOOD – Bring along lightweight, non-perishable food with a long shelf life

4. HYDRATION – The average person can only last up to three days without water. Plan on one gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation



7. CLOTHING – Layers adaptable to weather conditions

8. LIGHT – You will want to maintain a source of long-lasting light




  • Cash and coins in different denominations
  • Important documents on a flash drive in a watertight container (keep originals in a safety deposit box):
    • Passports
    • Birth certificates
    • Social security cards
    • Homeowner’s insurance policy
    • Flood insurance policy
    • Deed or stock certificate to your home
    • Mortgage paperwork
    • Auto and motorcycle titles/insurance cards
    • Bank/retirement account statements
    • Tax returns/W2s
    • Medical records
  • Local maps and a plan where you would go:
    • In the immediate area
    • 20 minutes away
    • 1 hour away
    • 3 hours away
    • Out of state/far away

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