6 Reasons Hiring a Brooklyn Real Estate Agent Benefits Sellers

By Elizabeth Kohen | September 28, 2022

Selling your Brooklyn home or townhouse is a huge undertaking—from pricing and staging to showings and marketing, all the way up until closing. But teaming up with a knowledgeable, experienced Brooklyn real estate agent can make for a seamless process, by saving you time, mitigating your stress, getting you the price you deserve, and most importantly, by having an advocate in your corner every stop along the way.

Here are six ways a Brooklyn real estate agent can benefit sellers.

1. It’s Less Work For You

To sell your Brooklyn home you’ll need to obtain a comparative market analysis, determine a price that attracts buyers without being too high or too low, stage and photograph your home, acquire a floor plan, write a listing description, and know the optimal time to list and where to market your property to harness your target audience. Then there’s the advertising, open houses, communicating with all the potential buyers, answering questions about the property, negotiating the best deal and signing contracts. Just because you might be capable of doing—or learning how to do—all these things doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. With a seasoned real estate agent by your side, it’ll be a lot less work for you.

2. You Can Avoid Common Pitfalls

A Brooklyn real estate agent can use their years of experience to identify red flags and advise on what will help sell your home and what isn’t worth your time. Agents know which home fixes and repairs are worth doing to get a higher selling price.

They also know how to:

  • Stage your home in a way that sells
  • Take properly lit photographs
  • Price your home properly
  • Market your home in its best light
  • Attract buyers
  • Communicate with buyers, their agents and all parties involved

3. You’ll Save Time on Relationship Building

Choosing to work with an experienced real estate agent means they can leverage their local relationships to your benefit. If you’re selling a home in Brownstone Brooklyn, your broker should be able to tap into their network of vetted lawyers, stagers, cleaners, marketing teams, contractors, and HVAC, pest control, painters and other service personnel who can each work their magic to help sell your home. Not to mention the established relationships and years of rapport that real estate agents have amongst one another. This can give you a leg up when it comes to working together to close a deal.

4. You’ll Have an Advocate in Your Corner

Selling your home is a monumental decision and often an emotional process. By hiring a real estate agent to act as your counsel, you will have an objective advocate in your corner—someone who can help guide you through difficult, stressful decisions from an emotional distance and communicate with the other party on your behalf throughout the entire transaction.

5. You’ll Get Exposure

Your real estate agent will post your home to their Listing Management Provider service, such as Perchwell, which will syndicate your listing to the local Multiple Listing Service (in Brownstone Brooklyn this is REBNY’s Residential Listing Service, or RLS) as well as a number of other media outlets. Here at Garfield Realty, we feature homes on Streeteasy, Zillow, Trulia, our website, the websites of other real estate agencies like Compass and Corcoran, our Instagram and Facebook pages, and in our window display which gets a ton of foot traffic being on 7th Avenue in prime Park Slope. Not to mention advertising on the vast Google Advertising Network—and we pay for the advertising costs so you don’t have to.

6. Foregoing an Agent Might Backfire Financially

You might think that you’ll save 3-6% by selling on your own, but negotiating is hard. Really hard. If you’re not working with a real estate broker for your Brooklyn home sale, the other party may use that as leverage and a reason to knock 3-6% more off the purchase price. This is especially true if the other party is working with a broker themselves. And without a broker providing guidance, a seller might make the mistake of pricing a home too low, thereby obviating any savings they were expecting, or too high so that it lingers on the market with no takers.

And since time is money, you could easily end up spending a lot more time than you might expect for all the reasons mentioned above. Real estate agents tend to build the fee into the sales price, so that you are still able to get an attractive return without having to put so much pressure and workload on yourself.

Head to our guide pages to read more about how you can benefit from hiring a real estate agent.

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