10 Best Soups in Brooklyn

December 30, 2020

Somehow we’ve already made it to winter here in Brooklyn, that time of year when the magic of watching a peaceful snowfall inevitably gets replaced with a frigid walk through a heaping pile of grey sludge. But on those crisp, bone-chilling days, there’s one thing that can always lift our cold winter spirits—a comforting bowl of hot soup. And if someone else makes it for us, that’s even better. Not to mention, you get the chance to support Brooklyn restaurants who have been hit hard by Covid-19 restrictions.

So, where can you get some of the best soup in Brooklyn?

1. Avgolemono Soup at Avlee, Carroll Gardens

Craving Greek soup or looking to try something new? The Avgolemono soup at Avlee in Carroll Gardens is a must—as is all their food we’ve tried. Avgolemono, or egg-lemon sauce, is a Greek staple with Shephardic Jewish roots. At Avlee you’ll find the egg lemon base combined with organic, free-range chicken broth and orzo to provide a creamy, hearty soup with a bright zest.

Avlee Greek Kitchen
349 Smith St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

2. Borscht at Pierozek, Greenpoint

Cup of borscht next to mini Christmas tree

Photo courtesy of Pierozek

We last wrote about Pierozek when it first opened about a year ago, offering even more authentic Polish comfort food to Greenpoint. Diners have since come to enjoy their borscht, which is a strained sour beet soup with a thick broth-like texture and a tart and earthy flavor. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and sample the pierogi. In fact, you can even get your borscht served with a croquette or mini pierogis.

592 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

3. Vegan Pho at Wild Ginger, Williamsburg

A go-to destination for NYC vegans since 2005, Wild Ginger offers healthy Pan-Asian cuisine and cute floral garnishes to boot. If you’re looking for veg-friendly pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, this is the place to visit. The simple, yet flavorful dish is made from a light broth seasoned with basil, cilantro and lime, and topped with bean sprouts and soy protein. Their pumpkin soup is also delicious.

Wild Ginger
182 N 10th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

4. Mohinga at Rangoon, Prospect Heights

Bowl of mohinga and other soup side by side

Photo courtesy of Rangoon

A local Burmese favorite, Rangoon, opened in Prospect Heights earlier this year boasting a menu of homestyle starters, sides & rice, noodles and mains. Within the noodles section, you’ll find the classic Mohinga, or Lemongrass Fish Noodle Soup, a Burmese essential, often considered the national dish of Myanmar. Made with thin rice noodles, aromatic fish soup (made from fresh fish stock, turmeric and lemongrass), a beautiful onion fritter, egg, lime, garlic oil and coriander, the flavor-rich dish is delicately balanced and garnished with roasted chile flakes and fish sauce to enhance the taste.

500 Prospect Pl.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

5. Lobster Squash Bisque at Soup Bowl of Park Slope

Specializing in a full soup menu with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, The Soup Bowl of Park Slope is a fun place to revisit until you’ve tried the entire menu. The lobster butternut squash bisque offers the perfect mix of sweetness and saltiness, served with a slice of crusty bread. But there are so many good ones that it’s hard to choose the best.

The Soup Bowl of Park Slope
319 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

6. Soup en Croûte at French Louie, Boerum Hill

Closeup of soup en croute in white bowl

Photo courtesy of French Louie

Like a decadent work of art, the Soup en Croûte (soup baked in a pastry crust) at French Louie towers with a tasty Parmesan crust crowning the onion, root vegetable and black trumpet mushroom base nestled beneath. This is the rich soup to go for on those exceptionally hungry days.

French Louie
320 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

7. Egusi Soup at Hills Kitchen, Bushwick

At Hills Kitchen, a Nigerian restaurant in Bushwick, you are presented with a menu full of rich stews and nutrient-packed soups that include those on the brothy side, the thicker side and those with varying levels of bitterness. The Egusi (melon) soup is served with beef or goat meat and your choice of starch—wheat, pounded yam or garri (cassava root)—and topped with ground melon seeds, resulting in a rich, earthy, slightly sweet dish that leaves you warmly satisfied on even the coldest days.

Hill Kitchen
252 Knickerbocker Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237

8. Lagman at Kashkar Cafe, Brighton Beach

Lagman soup bowl with white hand touching spoon

Photo courtesy of Kashkar Cafe

For those who aren’t familiar, Lagman is a word for pulled noodles with meat and vegetables. Our favorite spot to indulge is at Kashkar Kafe, an Uzbeki-Uyghur restaurant in Brighton Beach. Made from a lamb broth loaded with chewy noodles, potatoes, other vegetables and—you guessed it—tender cuts of lamb, the hearty soup is a popular dish that’s sure to appeal to meat lovers.

Kashkar Cafe
1141 Brighton Beach Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

9. Dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling House, Sunset Park

Shanghai Dumpling House is a popular stall within the famous Fei Long Market in Sunset Park. While not in bowl form, the soup dumplings are fun to eat and they come with a variety of fillings to choose from, such as pork and crab roe soup. They are somewhat on the doughy side, so if you don’t like those types of dumplings, these might not be the ones for you. Just bite into each dumpling and suck the broth out if you want to enjoy it in one bite. You can also buy frozen soup dumplings to make later.

Shanghai Dumpling House
Fei Long Market
6301 8th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220

10. Ramen at Chuko, Prospect Heights

Ramen bowl closeup

Photo courtesy of Chuko

With so many ramen places in the city it’s hard to choose just one to recommend, but with its small but well curated menu of flavorful meat and vegetarian broths, different noodles tailored to each dish and delicious add-on options, Chuko is worth tasting.

565 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Because of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and many restaurants operating at low capacity, you will likely have to pick up your soup or have it delivered to your door rather than slurping on it when it’s piping hot. But please try to be patient and understanding as restaurant owners are trying their hardest. Besides, you can always reheat it at home to get that same in-house experience.

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