Guide to Gluttonous NYC Food Challenges

July 1, 2019

July 4 — a time to marvel at colorful explosions in the sky, relish in a day off with friends and, of course, celebrate our independence the best way we know how — through food. Here in Brooklyn, 4th of July is synonymous with Nathan’s and its annual hot dog eating contest. Even if you can’t bring yourself to put back 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes Joey Chestnut style, you can indulge in a traditional barbecue or potluck to honor our freedom-fighting forefathers. However, for those of you who are indeed interested in trying your hand at gluttony, we’ve rounded up some of New York City’s finest food challenges.

Lunchbox Challenges

Strawberry Milkshake

You may have seen Staten Island’s Lunchbox on Man v. Food. Here, you have three different challenges to choose from:

  • Motherload — 2 people are tasked with eating 8 lb. of sloppy Joe in 30 minutes
  • 151 — Drink a 151-oz. milkshake (you pick the flavor!) in 20 minutes
  • Death Wish — Eat 6 spicy (we’re talking Ghost Chilies here!) wings in 10 minutes

Sign up online if you dare, for a shot at having your name appear on the wall of fame.

1612 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10302

Brick Lane Curry House P’Hall

Another you might recognize from Man v. Food, Manhattan’s Brick Lane Curry House offers a p’hall (super spicy curry) challenge. If you win, you’ll become a legend on the exclusive P’hall Hall of Fame site, where you can also sign up.

Brick Lane Curry House
99 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Chef One Dumpling Eating Contest


Every fall the annual Dumpling Eating Contest (a partnership with Atlantic Antic) takes place to see how many doughy delights you can down in 2 minutes. The contest raises money for the Food Bank for New York City and winners receive cash prizes.

NYC Dumpling Festival
Atlantic Ave & Clinton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

TabeTomo Ramen

Do you consider yourself a ramen lover? Think you can slurp your way through 8 lb. of ramen in 30 minutes? If so, you can get your meal for free at TabeTome in Manhattan…and you get to say you did it!

131 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

Summer Stroll Pizza Eating Contest

Pepperoni Pizza

Now in its fourth year, the annual Artichoke Pizza Eating Contest returns to Park Slope on Saturday, August 17. Work up your appetite while you await the event details! If you win, you get the Golden Peel Trophy…and a full belly.

Artichoke Pizza Eating Contest
5th Avenue (Dean to St Mark’s Sts)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Mi Noodle Bar — Supersize Mi

Continuing on the subject of carbs, can you handle 3 lb. of noodles and 3 lb. of meat in 1 ½ hours? NY’s first pho challenge, Supersize Mi in Manhattan invites you to give it a whirl. Winners get a comped meal (valued at $65), $100 in credit, a spot on the wall of fame and a free appetizer during every visit “pho life.”

Mi Noodle Bar
391 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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