A Slice of Creativity: NYC Pizza Art to Celebrate Pizza Day

February 9, 2024

February 9 is Pizza Day!

And here in NYC pizza is a pretty big deal. From Brooklyn to Queens, Manhattan to Staten Island and the Bronx, every borough has their preferences when it comes to these magical mouthwatering works of art. But instead of getting into a pizza war by picking a list of favorite spots, we’ve decided to highlight some cool pizza art. Whether you’re looking for a little something to hang on your wall or simply some lunch inspiration, here are our top picks.

Cities by the Slice

Pizzapedia illustrated cover with pizza slice on paper plate

Photo courtesy of Omnivore Books

Artist Dan Bransfield created pizza passion project Cities by the Slice to showcase favorite slices from NYC, Miami, Portland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and so many more. Hungry for more of his work? He also wrote and illustrated a Pizzapedia that goes into the history, ingredients and stories behind pizza.

The Stained Glass at John’s Pizza

Elegant dining room with stained glass windows and matching ceiling

Photo courtesy of John’s Pizzeria

Not an artwork depicting pizza, but the huge stained glass ceiling at John’s Pizza in Times Square is surely something to be admired. About 100 years before it was a pizzeria, this space housed Gospel Tabernacle church. Though John’s took over in 1995, the spectacular stained glass ceiling and some matching windows remain today.

Noun New York

Joe's Pizza building exterior illustration

Photo courtesy of Noun New York

We’ve been following local artist Amanda Giuffre’s Noun New York Instagram for a while now and we really love the charming “slice of life” NYC storefront illustrations, which include iconic favorites like Joe’s Pizza, Village Square Pizza, Scarr’s and Rubirosa. Check out Amanda’s website for prints.

Santi of All Trades

2024 Pizza Rat Calendar cover

Photo courtesy of Santiof all Trades

Speaking of Instagram, we must share our love for Pizza Rat by Santiago Villegas. You might wonder how someone can make a rat so cute and fun. He pulls it off by painting in bright colors and placing the rats in humorous city scenes, whether hugging a piece of pizza, donning New Year’s glasses, hanging on a Broadway street sign or popping out of a coffee cup. The 2024 calendar is a great way to admire Pizza Rat all year long.

More Pizza Rats

Plush white rat holding pepperoni pizza

Photo courtesy of Anna Trimmel Designs

There’s no shortage of Pizza Rat art and we can’t help but highlight another one we love. Behold, these adorable handmade felt rats by Anna Trimmel Designs, which give off major Tim Burton vibes.

Invader Mosaics

Camoflauge mosaic

Photo courtesy of Mary Singh at Pel

If you’re unfamiliar with French street artist Invader, his tilework creations can be found hiding on buildings, bridges, tunnels, palaces, space stations, sidewalks and walls all over the world, including 219 places in NYC. There’s a fun, free FlashInvaders app you can use to capture the street art as you come across it—and while we don’t want to include any spoilers, a few of his pieces are indeed pizza related. (If you do want spoilers, check out some of the artwork here.)

Hungry Artist NY

Two painted pizza slices on bright green background

Photo courtesy of Hungry Artist NY

Born and raised in Queens, Justin combines his love for food and art through his Hungry Artist NY Instagram. Appreciate pizza closeup by admiring his by-the-slice illustrations of Joe’s, Rosa’s, Romeo’s and Louie’s. We love the vibrant colors!

Stop Motion Cooking

Have you ever seen a tiny skeleton make a miniature pizza? Luckily artist Tomosteen created the Small Pizza Delivery Shop stop motion movie starring Mr. Bone for us all to enjoy.

Pizza the Hutt

Okay, he might not be a NY slice (is he?!) but Pizza the Hutt from the 1987 movie Spaceballs is certainly a work of art that deserves a spot on our list. Designed by artist Ken Diaz, the uncomfortable costume is said to have been made with 25 pounds of fiberglass, foam latex, steam jets, hoses, pancake batter and actual pizza toppings.

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