8 Cozy Winter Home Decor Tips

January 19, 2021

We’re more than halfway through our NYC winter and if you’re like us you’re probably already looking forward to warmer temperatures. For now, we are dealing with the cold the best way we know how—by making our Brooklyn homes as cozy as possible. Here are eight ways you can do the same. 

1. Cook or Bake Something Comforting

When you think of winter, which types of foods come to mind? Cooking a decadent stew or rich soup, making fresh bread or biscuits, baking some chocolate chip cookies or serving oven-warm brownies will not only give you a sense of comfort but will make your house smell good too.

If you need some inspiration, peruse recipes from NYC blogs like Peaches to Peaches, Smitten Kitchen, Edible Brooklyn, Brooklyn Supper or Black Foodie.

2. Opt for Soothing Home Scents

Now that you have something fragrant in the kitchen, think about other rooms that could use a scent refresh. Herbals such as lavender and rosemary are said to be calming but you can really choose any fragrance that makes you feel good. Shop for diffusers, dryer sheets, candles and soaps from Brooklyn makers including Yadain or Saipua.

If you prefer a natural approach, you could simmer fruits or herbs on your stove, put some citrus rinds in your garbage disposal, or get some fragrant flowers or plants.

3. Add Texture to Your Décor  

Consider which textures will keep you warm from head to toe through the winter. Think comfy, cozy throws or trendy made-in-NYC chunky knit blankets, a cotton blanket layered onto your duvet, extra pillows from your favorite Brooklyn shop, fluffier pillows and blankets, and soft area rugs to keep your feet toasty. 

4. Incorporate Pops of Color

NYC winters often bring drab skies so adding pops of color throughout your rooms will help to brighten up your living space—especially if you are working with a neutral color palette. Consider a vibrant NYC-made throw rug, splurge on a flashy end table, try some colorful Brooklyn-made pillows or vibrant home office accents. For something more unique, explore Brooklyn artwork, shop NYC art starting at $80 or choose some bright hues and make your own drawing, painting or craft.

Don’t forget about your kitchen—a jade cake plate, geo design coasters, patterned tea towels or a yellow soap dispenser would all do the trick. Check your cupboards, cabinets and closets for colorful objects you already own but could put on display.

5. Get Some House Plants or Fresh Flowers

Plants help to bring your space alive and give you a sense of calm. Consider plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight and look for those that are easy to maintain. Rubber tree plants, succulents or terrariums are all good options.

Support your favorite NYC business owners or shop Brooklyn-based plant stores such as Les’ Blooms Floral, Greenery Unlimited or Chelsea Garden Center. And if you already have house plants, now’s a great time to rearrange or re-pot them.

6. Adjust Your Lighting

Warm lighting can help to brighten your space and your mood. Try lighting some Brooklyn-made candles, varying your light fixtures, decorating with some string lights, stoking the fire, or getting a portable fireplace or nightlight. 

7. Experiment with Hot Beverages

There’s nothing like spending a cold day sipping on an herbal tea, a hot toddy, warm apple cider, matcha latte, mulled wine or soothing hot chocolate with homemade hot cocoa bombs.

Expand your cocktail or mocktail repertoire with a seasonal syrup box from Brooklyn-based Muddling Memories, or attend a virtual cocktail class with Liquor Lab NYC. 

8. Make a Reading Nook

Regardless of the size of your NYC living space, you can get creative when it comes to making a reading, or hobby, nook for yourself. Choose a cozy corner, use a room divider or just designate any small area and transform into your sanctuary for reading, crocheting, drawing, puzzling, playing instruments or anything else you enjoy doing. Think about the furniture you’ll need—a plush chair, work desk, velvety ottoman or loveseat. 

Want to save some money? Repurpose the pillows, blankets, furniture, candles, string lights or artwork you already have to decorate this area. Another good option is to check your local thrift stores for unique finds.

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