Edward Tully
  • Specializes in Sales Involving Litigation, Evictions, Disputes, Probate and Estates
  • Experienced Working with Investors and Developers
  • Best Old School Bar in Brooklyn: Farrell's Bar & Grill

As both a Park Slope homeowner and real estate professional, Edward’s insight and opinions have been trusted and relied upon by the Brownstone Brooklyn community for years. He enthusiastically guides his clients and customers to the successful realization of their goals - be it selling their home for the best price, finding the home their family will joyfully live and grow in, or locating the next wonderful part of Brownstone Brooklyn in which to invest.

Ed made a seemingly impossible deal seem almost effortless, although I'm sure it was a Herculean effort. Very pleased he was able to make the sale happen when no one else could.
– Marie D., Park Slope

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