Neil Stein
40 Years of Park Slope Knowledge
Neil Stein

Favorite Brooklyn Activity: Tennis

The Prospect Park Tennis Center indoor courts near the Parade Grounds in Prospect Park have eight Har Tru clay courts with perfect conditions.

Favorite Park Slope Restaurant: Blue Ribbon

The bar at Blue Ribbon has the perfect martini glass. Have not been able to locate a similar one anywhere.

Favorite Pastime: Walking in Vinegar Hill

I love walking along the quiet cobblestone streets of Vinegar Hill that look like they’re from the 18th Century.

Favorite Nearby Getaway: Gardiner

I own a summer home in Gardiner, a scenic two hour drive from Park Slope. I was born near Gardiner, where my father was a farmer, and it’s always nice to get back to nature.

Favorite Blog: Ironicman

I am a self-published author of the Ironicman blog, a sardonic view of the twists and turns of life.

Having lived in Park Slope for over thirty years, Neil has seen firsthand the huge transformation in the downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods over that period.