Cristine Santo Panepinto
Sales Agent
Cristine Santo Panepinto
  • Loves helping suburban empty-nesters rediscover urban life
  • Has great vision, honed by having renovated seven homes
  • Incredibly responsive and communicative

Sometimes, when people first meet Cristine in person (after only having spoken by phone), their first reaction is, “Huh? I thought you’d be bigger.” Truth be told, Cristine seems big, packing a ton of energy, heart, and grit into a 60” package — traits that have served her well in the competitive sport of real estate. Cristine has had two enduring fascinations since childhood: real estate and storytelling. At age 7, she directed the local kids to “improve” her rented Bronx home by drawing giant murals on an exterior wall. In adulthood, she found a more practical outlet for her interests and became a real estate agent and producer/director. In between helping people find homes they love, Cristine has created videos and commercials for more than two dozen high-profile clients. On the side, Cristine is a dedicated ballet dancer, adventurous cook and endeavoring linguist. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Joe, and tempts their three grown kids back to the nest with meatballs whenever possible.

Cristine Santo Panepinto
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