Briana Costello
Sales Agent
Photo of Briana Costello MCU
  • Third-generation Brooklyn resident
  • Welcoming to both novice and veteran New Yorkers
  • Thrift store fanatic

Raised in a Victorian Era house, Briana recognizes the significance of Brooklyn’s historical architecture. With that firsthand experience, she is able to provide a deeper understanding of the pros and cons that come with living in some of Brooklyn’s most beautiful homes. Briana knows this borough’s culturally rich neighborhoods play an important role in the buying, selling and renting process. Always one to empower her community, she goes out of her way to support local mom-and-pop businesses wherever possible. Briana loves meeting people who are new to the city and has a lot of respect for those who’ve called NYC their home for generations.

Photo of Briana Costello MCU
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